what is up with that name : the inside scoop

by jessie hunt  (DOUG POOCH WAS INTERVIEWED ON 2-13-98)


Thunderbleed AKA Blind Vengeance is the result of two powerhouse bands combined. The boys considered merging their names into one like Guns 'n Roses did (Hollywood Rose and LA Guns). But unlike that band they couldn't think of a way to merge the names (Mike's mom voted thumbs down on both Thunder Vengeance and Blindbleed) , so they decided to continue to use both names, so THAT WE CAN REMEMBER  both groups.

SO In the aftermath of the merging,  original Blind Vengeance members drummer Doug Pooch and guitarist AJ have had to DEAL with the Thunderbleed name THAT is more prominent. "I guess Jem's the singer, so his name gets the most attention," says the  drummer. "Me and AJ have a lot of fans from before we joined forces with the Thunderbleed guys. So that's why we never got rid of the Blind Vengeance name. We thought it we be a cheap shot at our fans who have stood by us for so long to scrap the name they know and love. I guess at one point I offered a simple solution at simply renaming ourselves by my name. I thought we could just call the new band Pooch. But that didn't go over so well. So we use both names to show we respect our past. But it still kinda bugs me that the AKA Blind Vengence part doesn't usually fit in the newspaper listings or on the marquees."

ROCK ON GUYS!!!!!!!!