Some call Him a shaman...
Some call Him a dreamer...
After your Inner Fire Majudo Encounter...
You will call Him Master.

MAJUDO for Him

What will be covered:

Magitsu may be gaining attention in the martial arts world, but I'll show you secret majudo techniques that can neutralize any magitsu practioner.

Majudo is often cited by Ultimate Fighting Champions as a key part of their training and I'll show you why.

I'll personally explain the steps from the Burlap Robe (level 1) to the coveted Black Velvet Robe With Matching Top Hat (level 7)

Experience the exhilarating Extreme Trust Fall and other feats of endurance.

"After attending my first inner
flame encounter i discovered
new ways to connect
with my students."

Mike Donnelly
High School Phys-Ed Teacher

"My girlfriends and family don't really
understand my involvement in this group,
they've also never been nurtured
as a Golden Squaw. I am so lucky"

Brenda Bradford
Lady Jedi

"I learned as much about using my birds
for self defense as I did about who I am."

Dan Sykes
Avian Illusionist

Each encounter ends with the
fellowship fire circle.

What to Bring:

Standard deck of cards
Warm blanket for solo night in the woods
4 gallons of butter
Staff (broom handle will do)
Positive attitude
MAJUDO for Her

STALLION'S Grasp of the female condition is so all-encompassing that you'll learn things about yourself that you may not be prepared to know.

"Ladies, take the mace out of your purse...
I'll show you moves that will help you take out your opponent as well as mystify your dinner guests."

For an additional $150, upgrade to the Golden Squaw Package which includes:

Blindfolded One-on-One Soul Nurturing Session with the Master