There is a lot more to STALLION than meets the eye. Look into his life off the stage.


STALLION was bitten by the "magic bug" at an early age when his grandmother gave him a set of small red sponge balls which he began to master.

As the years went on and he began performing for private engagements, STALLION embraced other interests like figure skating, dance, martial arts, drama and bodybuilding. After high school STALLION made time for all his passions and attended the Breer Marche Clown Academy.

In addition to his continued training in dance, he also was instructing tae kwon do and magic classes at Champion Youth Outreach, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to bring the martial arts and magic to the inner city. STALLION believes in the magic of helping others. To this day you can still see this versatile background shine through each STALLION performance.

Tall, trim and dressed crisply in black leather pants, a red satin shirt, shiny black shoes and a sequined vest and belt that glitter like Vegas marquees, STALLION is the embodiment of Professional Entertainer.

When STALLION speaks of the "magic within", he refers to the innate powers of individuals, however dormant, to activate and realize their fondest heartfelt dreams. Again and again, albeit within the context of pure entertainment, he brings that out strongly and newly, excitingly inspires and empowers many.



STALLION performs at Outreach 2000

STALLION gives back to the community

Clowning Around

High School Magic Faire
Antioch High School, California 1999

*STALLION sings very appealingly and he writes quite credible poetry.

 *STALLION is also an accomplished visual artist. Click here to visit a gallery of his artwork

*STALLION choreographs with creativity and skill and he is an improvisational master of audience psychology. He gets his crowds up, with it, into it and cheering every time!

*STALLION aspires to reach a national audience and someday to crossover into television and movies.

*STALLION'S achievement is a quintessential American success story. Experience it for yourself.